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Hidalgo County Animal Control

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Each animal pest that infests your home, property or business in Texas has specialized adaptations or skills that allow them to flourish in and around regions where they pose a problem or danger. animals come into houses hunting for a food source and protection, or an environment with the correct humidity or temperature. Very important in Hidalgo County animal and bird control is eliminating the appeal for animal pests to your property, whether it is a food source, a place to hide or a specific habitat.

More than simply an irritation, damage and destruction to houses and property in Hidalgo County by animals can be expensive and serious to manage. Even more possibly dangerous than home and property damage, many wildlife and animals carry parasites that may be highly harmful when transmitted to household pets, farm animals and people.

For further information on specified animals in Texas and the destruction and regulation potential of each, locate the location that is pertanent to you below. Or, Click here for help in resolving your bird or animal situation in a safe, fast and efficient manner.


Did You Know...
Bees can be a real pest problem for homeowners when they are able to find an opening in an outside wall or inside a chimney. After they find a hole, they'll find a hollow in an inside wall and create a nest. Bee nests are made of wax cells that, at any point, can have many pounds of honey reserve. If bees have the chance to correctly shelter their nests, they will easily make it through colder months. Certainly a reason for eliminating bees from land is that they can sting pets and people. Also, nests can create ugly damage and destruction, and bees draw other insects to the areas they make their home in.


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